What is Mead?

What is Mead?

Mead (honey wine) is an alcoholic beverage that is made primarily from fermenting honey and water with yeast and may contain fruits, spices and herbs as well.

Is it sweet?

Not necessarily! Though honey is the main fermentable sugar, most of the sugars are fermented into alcohol. While some of our products are sweet, most are off-dry to semi-sweet, with drier, fruited, and spice forward products on the horizon as well

Is it carbonated?

No, it is still like wine although carbonated varieties can be made!

 Is it strong?

Most of our products are 13% ABV but can fluctuate like table strength wine.

How should I drink it?

Aerate 10-15 seconds after pouring like a red wine. Can be served room temperature or in a chilled glass or with ice! If you like your white wines with ice you will probably like this chilled as well!

Can I get bottles shipped?

Yes, we can ship almost anywhere nationally. We currently ship to 41 States. Check to see if your state is one of them in the shipping tab!

 Can I get free shipping on my delivery?

Yes, we have created a quantity based incentives that may allow you to get free or discounted shipping of our mead depending on where the shipment is going. 6 bottles gets you $20 off shipping which in many cases covers all of the shipping costs!

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