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At Philadelphia Mead Company, we believe that every sip of our mead is a journey into history and a celebration of the art of fermentation. Our passion for crafting the finest mead has earned us a reputation as one of the premier mead producers in the greater Philadelphia area.

With a tradition that spans centuries and an unrelenting commitment to quality, we invite you to join us on a unique mead experience.

Why Choose Mead?

Mead, often referred to as "nectar of the gods," is an ancient alcoholic beverage crafted from honey, water, and yeast. It's a drink with a rich history that predates both wine and beer.

Mead's enchanting sweetness, balanced with its complexities, make it a beverage like no other. Whether you're a seasoned mead enthusiast or a newcomer to this delightful world, Philadelphia Mead Company has the perfect mead to captivate your palate.

Our Craftsmanship

Passionately Crafted, Perfectly Balanced

Philadelphia Mead Company's journey began with a mission to revive and celebrate the age-old craft of mead making.

Our team is working to perfect the art of combining honey, water, and yeast to create mead that resonates with history and innovation.

Each batch is carefully crafted, fermented to perfection, and meticulously aged to achieve the harmonious balance of flavors that define our mead.


Honey, History, and Harmony

Our production processes are designed to minimize waste and reduce our ecological footprint, ensuring that future generations can savor the magic of mead.

Mead Tastings and Events

Join Us for a Memorable Experience

Experience the world of mead like never before by attending one of our mead events. Immerse yourself in the history, culture, and flavors of mead, guided by our knowledgeable experts. Stay updated on upcoming events through our newsletter and follow us on social media.

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Philadelphia Mead Company is your gateway to the enchanting world of mead. Elevate your drinking experience and discover the liquid gold that has fascinated and delighted generations. Join us in celebrating the past, present, and future of mead. Cheers to a journey filled with sweet memories and unique flavors!

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